Abdi Warsame is a survivor of Somalia’s civil war. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down when he was twelve years old during a rocket attack in Mogadishu, Abdi overcame grave odds to survive his injuries in a place and time where he should have died within days.

Through his Muslim faith, his loving family, and his unrelenting determination, Abdi leapt hurdle after hurdle to become the successful American immigrant he is today. In a life full of every reason to quit, Abdi never gave up on himself, his family, or his God.

Believing that education was his only escape from a much more challenging life, Abdi immigrated to the US with his father. While overcoming the language barrier, he took advantage of every opportunity that came his way and ultimately graduated from N.C. State University with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management. He has over ten years of expertise in the telecommunications sector. He is a passionate advocate for disability inclusion in the workplace.