Customer Reviews

Abdi’s journey is a story worth sharing and reliving through his experiences. We need more authentic stories shared by people with disabilities like him to push for more inclusion and representation.

Brittany Dejean, Founder, and CEO of AbleThrive

I have had the privilege to know the author of this book and have personally witnessed his rise to become very successful in business, and then go beyond this to help others who are striving to overcome the roadblocks that they are facing as well. Although the book describes the hardships he has endured, it is really a documentary about the tremendous resiliency of his spirit and his determination to use the gifts of his hardships and triumphs to give others hope.

Charlotte Perrone

Abdi Warsame uses clear, yet vivid language to tell his extraordinary story of how he became paralyzed from the waist down during civil war in his native Somalia, his subsequent immigration to the West. While one side of the political spectrum is using people in Warsame’s situation to create political hay, Warsame makes the case in an very non-political way for the contribution that immigrants make to the United States’ success. His modesty and optimism drip from the pages, and he inspires the reader with his faith and perseverance. This book is suitable for all readers, and could be used as a teaching tool for educators interested in disability advocacy, immigration, cross-cultural understanding, and Somalian history. Highly recommended.

Richard Malone

Abdi Warsame’s book is truly inspirational. It reminds the reader repeatedly that with hard work, and determination, you can achieve your goals – and that there is hope for a better tomorrow!
As I read the book I was moved by each challenge and I cheered each triumph. Despite the hardships he endured he maintained his strong emphasis on the power of faith and family.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting read.

William M Ashjian

Loved reading this true story of hope, family, faith and overcoming tragedy against all odds! Thank you Abdi Warsame, for sharing your inspiring story.

Rachel Salinas

Abdi writes beautifully of growing up during the chaos and uncertainties of war-torn Somalia. He and his family’s perseverance and constant support for eachother is unmeasurable. This is a fantastic, quick read, on overcoming adversity.

Crystal Baker